Cinco De Mayo: A Taco Crawl in Denver

For a girl that dreams about Mexican food and fascinates herself with how to craft the perfect pico de gallo, the invitation to a taco crawl in Denver is music to one’s ears. There may have been dancing when I accepted the MeetUp invite to Denver’s Wanderful Women Who Travel annual Taco Crawl.  Nathan met the news with dismay as it was a woman’s only event.


In case you’re new to the concept, a taco crawl mimics a bar crawl, but rather than buds you enjoy crispy shells stuffed with deliciousness. You all gather at a location, eat tacos then move on your merry way to the next one. The walking is crucial to working off your last taco, as you need to free up space as you continue.


Cinco De Mayo: A Taco Crawl in Denver - your guide to tacos in Denver.

Juarez Mexican Food

2932 W. 38th Ave.

We kicked off the event at a small authentic restaurant. Juarez Mexican Food is the exact hole in the wall type of restaurant I crave, yet can be so hard to find on your own. You can thank the Wanderful Tribe. We all enjoyed complimentary chips and salsa while we scoured through the taco selection. In the end, most of us ordered the shredded beef taco. For a twist, we went with the deep fried taco shell. How can you refuse anything deep fried?


At the end, four of the six girls declared Juarez as the BEST TACO from our excursion. We’ll get to mine. To be fair, the group pointed out that since I don’t do well with dairy, missing out on the cheese and sour cream meant I missed out on half the taco. But hey, one other gal agreed with me.


Here’s a snapshot of the deep fried taco:


Cinco De Mayo: A Taco Crawl in Denver - your guide to tacos in Denver.


El Valle

2925 W. 38th Ave.

Next, we wandered across the street to El Valle. Now we have my favorite taco! The incredible waitress at yet another authentic restaurant – albeit a tad less hole in the wall – talked us into ordering a few plates. Something about better value for our money, but ultimately we were all swayed by the few extra tacos we got. Insert the al patsor taco.

Cinco De Mayo: A Taco Crawl in Denver - your guide to tacos in Denver.

I’m not going to comment on … um… who “volunteered” to eat the extra taco, but let’s just say I got a healthy dose of opinion when it came to these guys. In my humble (yet well versed) opinion, this is THE TACO to hit. I backed that up by swinging by to grab Nathan a plate for the road. Yeah… I know. I’m a good wife. Lucky for him I was way too full to nibble any on the way home.


El Jefe Denver

2450 W. 44th Ave.

The last place gave us an even mix of different types of places. A little hipster for my taste, and their pricing left a bit to be desired after savoring top notch tacos and dirt cheap prices. Let’s just say their price for one was about the same (or more) than an entire plate full of tacos at the other places. They have a nice happy hour though, so if you do decide to venture that way, take advantage of that.


As part of their happy hour, I ordered their special taco. I forget the specifics, but pork belly and jalapenos were involved. Not too bad, but fell a little flat to the other ones we enjoyed on our rounds. The one perk you’ll enjoy is they have an alcohol liscence which means you can enjoy a cold cervesa in the process.

Cinco De Mayo: A Taco Crawl in Denver - your guide to tacos in Denver.



I hope you enjoyed the fruits of our taco crawl! I was eager to test out some of the better places I’ve been hearing about along Federal Boulevard. This was a perfect introduction and some great places for you to test out if you’re hankering for a good taco.

Cinco De Mayo: A Taco Crawl in Denver - your guide to tacos in Denver.