Breakfast at Snooze Eatery Denver

For whatever reason, I seldom find myself on the hunt for a good breakfast joint. It must be related to that endeavor happening in the wee hours of the morning and the allure of sleeping being too strong to resist. That said, breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day. Between crispy hashbrowns and succulent eggs scrambled in a sea of flavors, you can’t find a better meal.


One of the best indications of a quality breakfast joint is when you see a line extending out of the door most days of the week. That’s Snooze Eatery in Denver. While I can’t say all locations find themselves buried with hungry every morning, the one on Colorado Boulevard sees a line almost every single day. Yes, during the regular workweek even at obscure hours or times when other diners would be delighted to see a ghost swing by – they have a line. Needless to say, when the masses show up at all hours, it’s a diner calling my name.


I made my way there on a brisk Thursday morning in May. Don’t be deceived by the time of year, the day before saw snow and that particular Thursday morning was dreary and gray. That only put a slight damper on the flocking to Snooze for a breakfast meeting. Luckily the person joining me arrived early and our wait was minimal.


Once you sit down, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff and an enormous menu. As a more trendy – and environmentally savvy – restaurant, this isn’t the typical stop along the unrefined palate route. But when you follow a pack of hungry eaters (insert the continuous line of people) you have to trust where you end up. And this business totally rocks both the mission AND the eats.


If you don’t fare well in the face of decisions, you’re out of luck. This isn’t your joint. I finally narrowed down my selection to the Eggs Benedict. Even that didn’t finish off the process. I had about eight more selections to go…. My saving grace came from the final selection (and the direction for the welcoming waitress). It’s a select two option. You pick two of the half dozen versions.


Snooze Eatery Menu, breakfast in Denver, CO.


I settled with the Bella! Bella Benny and the Benny Goodman. The Bella! Bella took inspiration from Italy, combining prosciutto drizzled with balsamic glaze all combined in the fantastic eggs benedict formatting. It’s a sweet savory breakfast treat. An odd bedfellow, but delicious in its own right was the Benny Goodman. Lox style salmon adorning sun dried tomatoes fit the bill for a more savory breakfast flavor. Both were slathered in rich hollandaise cream. These two strange pairings – but amazingly delicious – were served with a crispy and overly fancy side of potatoes.


After our late breakfast, I was stuffed for hours. Yes, I managed to finish the entire plate, slopping up every last dash of flavor possible.


If you’re looking for an absolutely marvelous breakfast, regardless if you’re searching for sweet or savory, Snooze Eatery needs to tops your list. While I dove in full force for the eggs, I hear their pancakes reach a whole new level in the pastry category.

If you're looking for a rich and savory breakfast that everyone will enjoy, then Snooze Eatery in Denver, Colorado is the place to go!